Please use the following link to reach our documentation: de.STAIR DOCS

de.STAIR is a consortium consisting of three scientific groups, Prof. Steve Hoffmann, Prof. Olaf Wolkenhauer, as well as Prof. Wolfgang R. Hess. The consortium provides training courses in bioinformatics and offers a Galaxy plugin called “Galax workflow generator”. The latter mentioned plugin leads non-bioinformaticians through an interactive workflow builder. At the beginning of each session, the user can choose from a set of predefined topics such as “RRBS/BS-Seq analysis” or “Differential gene expression analysis”. If a session has started, the user can choose from a well-selected set of tools per step. Furthermore, we provide additional information for each tool like “ease of use,” “user base,” “sensitivity,” “speed,” “configurability,” as well as a detailed description.

Public Galaxy instance with our interactive tour builder: de.STAIR Galaxy